Sims & Campbell Attorneys Present at Anne Arundel Estate Planning Council Event – Annapolis and Towson Estate Planning

On May 9, 2019, Sims & Campbell attorneys Christia A. Pritts and Jennifer McManus were the featured presenters at the Anne Arundel Estate Planning Council’s May Event. Their topic, Trust Busting: Methods for Modifying Irrevocable Trusts, drew a large crowd of attorneys, financial advisors, CPAs, insurance agents, and trust officers to the event.  The hot topic detailed how many clients have irrevocable trusts with outdated or inadequate provisions which may be due to various reasons such as drafting errors, unforeseen changes in family circumstances, or changes in the law. Although a trust may be irrevocable on its face, Attorneys Pritts and McManus discussed the various methods for terminating an irrevocable trust or modifying the terms of an irrevocable trust to bring the terms more in line with the client’s goals and present circumstances.

The mission of the Anne Arundel Estate Planning Council is to provide opportunities for wealth planning professionals from various disciplines to interact, share ideas and build relationships that will allow them to better serve their clients and the community. The Council provides quarterly educational programs and networking events for professional advisors. Sims & Campbell attorney Michael E. Lehr is the chair of the Executive Committee (Board) for the Anne Arundel Estate Planning Council.

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