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New scam in Maryland targets Personal Representatives

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

Our office has been made aware of a scam in Maryland that is targeting persons listed as the Personal Representative of an estate. Personal Representatives are receiving notices from a company (calling itself IRFS) that fraudulently state that IRFS is a collections firm working for the Comptroller of Maryland. These notices say that the Estate filed delinquently and that it owns unpaid tax and interest, and provides payment coupons as well.

THIS IS A FRAUD. Any correspondence regarding estates or estate tax filings come from the Register of Wills office in the County the estate was opened or from the Office of the Comptroller. In addition, if you have engaged an attorney to assist you with administering the estate, the attorney always receives duplicate notices from the Register of Wills or the Office of the Comptroller.

Please contact your attorney or the Comptroller’s Office at the number below if you receive a notice from IRFS.

Contact information for the Comptroller of Maryland: 1-800-MD-TAXES or by email at taxhelp@comp.state.md.us

Information from Southern Maryland News Net at http://smnewsnet.com/archives/46365